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The One Plus Hub is an animation networking group which was launched in the fall of 2005 by Jill Gilbert of One Plus Productions. The One Plus Hub is comprised of over 1500 members from the animation and related media communities at large. On a quarterly basis, animation producers, directors, writers, executives, agents, composers and managers in all media (films, television series, web, and mobile entertainment) come together to network and discuss the issues that surround the industry today and the future of animation from a business, creative and overall global perspective.

Animation talent and executives from many studios are regular attendees at One Plus Hub events including Disney, Warner Bros, Dreamworks Animation, Universal Studios, Fox Animation, Sony Animation, Nickelodeon, and the Weinstein Company. Additionally, small, cutting edge, independent animation houses such as Six Point Harness, Wild Brain, Blur Studios, and Titmouse have become involved as hosts and participants in networking events.

The One Plus Hub has also expanded its events to other cities within the United States including New York, San Diego and San Francisco. The first One Plus Hub New York event was held in October 2008 and that was followed by a One Plus Hub/Women in Toys event in San Francisco in March 2009. It's now 2014 and we're still going strong!


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"One Plus Hub is such a great way to stay connected to people in the animation and entertainment community. I found One Plus Hub to be a comfortable way to meet new people, greet old friends and take advantage of making some invaluable professional connections this event. Jill Gilbert's knack for organizing special events and tireless commitment to our industry at large should be applauded!!!"

Nina Rappaport-Rowan, Producer and Creator, Kimochis